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Tooth Fairy Affair

Tooth Fairy Affair is Izabela’s independent short film, an expression of her love for traditional animation and storytelling; the embodiment of her lifelong fascination with emotions inspired by the unparalleled classic artistic technique of drawing with pencil on paper, frame by frame.

Directon, animation, artwork, compositing - Izabela Melamed
Music and characters voices - Jack Brewer

Very special thanks to Val Melamed for sponsoring this crazy idea.
Thanks to friends, colleauges and family for their outstanding support.

Tooth Fairy Affair at festivals:

ITSA Film Festival 2011, Groveland CA, USA
Winner of Best Animated Film Award

Encounters Bristol International Film Festival 2011 UK
Animated Encounters and Family Friendly Programme competitions

Clearwater Film&Music Festival 2011 FL, USA
Nominated for Wavecrest Award for Animated Film

CINANIMA - Festival Internacional de Cinema de Animação, 2011 Portugal

Animasyros 4.0 International Animation Festival & Forum 2011 Greece

International Animation Film Festival „Golden Kuker” 2011 Bulgaria

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